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Qualitative Research

Retail, Travel/Hospitality, Household Products, Baby Care, Feminine Hygiene, Food and Beverages, Luxury Goods, Arts and Crafts, Toys, Beauty/Cosmetics, Fragrance, Skin Care, Oral Care, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare/Insurance, Social issues, Finance, Technology.

About Us

About Us

TKInsights LLC is a Full Service, Qualitative Market Research and Consulting Firm Based In New Jersey run by Tanya Krim.

We conduct full-service qualitative consumer research projects – from screener and discussion guide design to recruitment of respondents, moderation and analysis of results with turn-key implications for your business.

We specialize in developing a rich understanding of diverse consumer segments – men, women, young children and teens — and translating that knowledge into strategic recommendations for all aspects of marketing and advertising in order to assist marketers and advertising agencies in developing optimal strategies in their respective markets.

Why We're Different

We Are Here For You

  • Consistent ability to hear the voice of the consumer and reflect his/her attitudes and behaviors
  • Adept at thinking like a Brand Manager – in terms of brand knowledge and issues
  • Ability to understand the brand in a multi-dimensional way
  • Passion for the on-going success of the client in terms of being a source of relevant information pertaining to your brand/s and/or the competitive set during and after the initial engagement
  • Genuine curiosity and tenacity at getting to the root of each and every business issue which is researched
  • Customer-service oriented M.O
  • The smallness of the consultancy allows TKInsights to be nimble, flexible and responsive to our clients’ needs and project timelines.

Core Competencies

In the Wild in-home and out-of-home ethnographic research
Straight Talk in-store ethnographies
Friendship Pair Pods
Creative advertising development research
Advertising Strategy development research
Advertising and communications testing
New product development research
New concept development research
Strategic brand development
Packaging research
Mystery shopping
Ideation and brainstorming sessions (Synectics training)
Name generation and development
Online moderating – bulletin boards/blogs, real-time online focus groups, webcam focus groups/one-on-one interviews, telephonic focus groups, online journaling/blogging
Video Diaries/Blogs
Community space management
Management and coordination of large multi-national research studies
For You

Target Group Specialities

  • Children
  • Teens
  • Young women
  • Moms/CEOs of Household
  • Retailers
  • Business people
  • Boomers
  • Seniors
  • Physicians
  • Healthcare/pharmaceutical professionals

Digital Engagement Panels + Forums

We use private communities using social networks to allow you to target your customer in an online venue in which they are already familiar.

Whether short-term or long-term engagement, we promote interaction with the group and allow for private one-on-one conversations. This unique platform allows for real-time customer observation, multimedia stimuli sharing, group interaction and even video chat.

Creating the Panel

Respondents are invited into the panel after being recruited, screened to determine if they will be good participants in this medium. Clients are also invited into the private panel to see the research as it progresses and can log on from any location in the world at any time of day or night.

Daily Interaction

Questions are posted to the group’s private page and answered at the discretion of the respondent over the course of 24 hours. As with traditional research, a discussion guide is written and approved for the study. This process allows for the guide to be modified throughout the study based on the respondents’ answers. Additional questions can be thrown in to specific respondents or all of them, depending on the Client’s desire.

Respondent Interaction

Due to the nature of the medium, respondents often reply to each other’s answers with their personal thoughts or suggestions. Consumers reply and respond to comments in social networks. This behavior is frequently beneficial as it can provide additional, unexpected insights.

One-on-One Video Interviews

In addition to group and private messaging, we conduct one-on-one interviews via web-based video and can record the session. This personal process allows for deeper understanding and context.

Digital Engagement Forum

Moderate forums allow you to hear your customer in a one-on-one setting over an extended period of time. We ask many different types of questions over the course of the study to ensure that the respondents remain fresh and engaged. Private messages and emails remind the respondents when new queries are posted and encourage quick interaction. Short- or long-term engagements are organized and executed based on respondent feedback and client wants/needs

Global Research

We have the capacity to execute research studies in multiple international markets.

Global assignments can span multiple markets – as many as nine different countries on a single project, if necessary. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with the top facilities, recruiters, moderators, ethnographers, translation services and simultaneous translators around the globe. For example, we have partners in Brazil, Russia, India and China – ready to help you understand a wonderfully complex market.

The bottom line…we can execute a study in Frankfurt or Shanghai as seamlessly as one in Dallas and LA.

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